We Need to Talk About the Elephant in the Room

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Tips on achieving productivity and giving ideas a new life in the middle of confusion.

How often do you get yourself feeling overwhelmed? Despite trying hard to sit down and concentrate on something, I usually end up with an overly stimulated mind that seems to process tons of information at an insane speed. I can barely catch up. Relax, you are not alone.

Failure of getting things done results in a war inside ourselves. We begin associating with all sorts of names like lazy, irresponsible, unreliable which kills our morale. In the end, we give in trying to change and accept this personal branding.

Overexcitement is a phenomenon we have to deal with daily. Naturally, all humans have tons of dopamine. How we react to different situations in life is heavily dependent on this hormone.

Understanding how to exploit this magic we carry around in us causes a division in society. Talk about the high achievers, the middle range, and those who see other folks roll around happily.

The thing is, no one can claim to have full control over their dopamine levels. We are always worrying about something, could be finances, health, or things that are totally out of our control.

High achievers ride on increased levels of dopamine to enjoy whatever they set their minds on doing. They create repeated patterns and end up reaping big from their efforts because they stay in the zone of their crafts.

In contrast, average people allow fear to take control which makes them slaves in their beings. Without enthusiasm and motivation, we can’t focus and get things done. I have battled overstimulation for a long time, and learning to strip down ideas into bits for ease of processing has helped a lot.

Creatives; writers, singers, painters..the list is endless, need control over their minds because this is what defines their craft. Below are ways of getting the correct dopamine balance to fully exploit your potential.

  • Avoid saturated fats as much as possible. It is recommended to opt for highly processed vegetable oils such as canola oil which decrease heart attack. According to ongoing research, increased consumption of saturated fats causes a lapse in dopamine signaling in the brain.
  • Eat your proteins. Foods rich in proteins such as dairy products, eggs, legumes, beef, and liver are rich in amino acids. Tyrosine and phenylalanine contained in amino acids promote dopamine production in the brain. This enhances deep thinking and memory.
  • Practice meditation. Consistently setting aside time to focus on your present helps in clearing your mind. This way, our happy hormones are activated putting you in a state of gratefulness and excitement. One study including eight experienced meditation teachers found a 64% increase in dopamine production after meditating for one hour, compared to when resting quietly.
  • Put some music on. Studies conducted using musical instrumentals on patients reveal an increased level of dopamine production and lower stress level. Instrumentals cause a shift in focus to an inner world only conscious to you. When you concentrate on the sound exploding in your ears, your brain relaxes and gathers thoughts together.
  • Exercise a lot. Getting involved in physical activity like aerobics boosts mood and enhances the production of endorphins. They are hormones responsible for fighting stress and boosting mood. One is required to put in at least 20minutes of exercise consistently to achieve maximum results. Further research shows that extending intense aerobic activity up to 75–100minutes boosts dopamine production.
  • Sleep adequately. Creatives tend to overlook this factor a lot. Some get themselves little to no sleep in the name of burning the midnight oil, for the night owls. I have been here. I do this quite often. Just make sure you don't end up losing the one thing that matters; your health in search of wealth. One thing to note here is that our brains continue processing information even in our sleep, called the subconscious mind. This requires giving it time to put every detail in its place. Waking up fresh and focused is a plus for you in your quest of thinking straight and getting things done.

Key Takeaways

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for how we react to different situations.

It affects our overall mood in how we perceive; motivation, ability to focus, and body movements.

We have to make sure we create a balance in dopamine levels.

Sticking to best practices such as regular physical exercise and keeping our mental health in check by meditating helps a lot.



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